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Pregnancy Massage

I‘m sure heads will be nodding when I make the suggestion that when you discover the incredible news that you are pregnant you suddenly become more bodily aware!

Not only is your body changing in a way totally foreign to first time mums, but no doubt hormones are dictating emotional highs and lows that you can never predict!

These are the months when you realise that your body is not just yours anymore and everything you do as well as how you feel has a direct impact on your baby growing inside you.

Instinct already lifts your hand and places it tenderly on your bump.The sight of a mum- to- be caressing her unborn baby is a common sight so let me help you take Mother Natures’ wisdom one step further....

It is very common during pregnancy to develop aching muscles in your back, hips and knees. Pregnancy massage has been designed to ease this aching and return the body to a relaxed state. Treatments use large movements to encourage better blood flow throughout the entire body.

Depending on your term of pregnancy, you will be lying on your side, supported by cushions under the head, between the legs and under your bump! This enables me to massage one side of your back, the hip and buttock area and upper leg. The treatment is then repeated on your other side before finishing with you lying on your back, raised under the upper back and shoulders.

Legs, feet and ankles are also massaged to encourage the reduction of any swelling but this is most effective over a short course of treatment where possible.

Pregnancy massage will leave you feeling very relaxed so please ensure you have very little planned afterwards! Regular massage throughout your entire pregnancy will ensure a much more enjoyable nine months from start to finish.


Now offering the Holistic Health Pregnancy Package from stephanie blake massage and Homeopath Melissa Wakeling.