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Here are a selection of recent comments and feedback, don't hesitate to get in contact if you have any comments to add.

An email received the day after an initial treatment:

"I wanted you to know that with the small amount of massage you did yesterday what a huge difference you have made!  I am sore and bruised as you mentioned I may be, which is all fine, but a lot of that deep down soreness and pain has been eased! Of course there is a long way to go but I actually walked my daughter to school this a.m., something I rarely do! Usually in the mornings I am so stiff and I often limp a bit.  Today I wanted to get out the house and try my new hip out!  It feels so much more like the other hip and I feel as I walk a lot taller and like someone is pulling me up with a string from my head!  I feel I am standing taller, I guess because the right hip pain is not making me crouch into myself so much.  For fear of being too dramatic it really feels like a blessing that I have found you ...."

S. Fitzpatrick, Teddington

"Steph has that rare combination: real skill and great attitude. Her approach goes beyond that over-used word 'wellbeing' - she helps restore physical and mental strength even in the most stressful times!"


L. Barfield, Teddington

"I came to see Steph with a tight neck and very bad knots in my shoulders and back. Since I am a weightlifter and regular cyclist, the pain was preventing me from doing what I love.
Steph was fantastic. I was very nervous coming for the initial treatment, but she put me completely at ease. She spent a good amount of time assessing me, finding out about my lifestyle and previous injuries or pains. It was very helpful discussing lifestyle habits, as it meant Steph understood what I needed.
In just one session, I had instant relief. My back and shoulders felt amazing – I had no more tension or knots and I felt so relaxed. My weekly massages with Steph keep my muscles feeling wonderfully loose.
She is also very flexible. I once pulled a muscle whilst weight training, and she was available almost immediately to see me. The problem was fixed instantly!
I would recommend Steph to anyone. She is not only a highly skilled professional sports therapist, but on a personal level, she is a very sweet and caring lady."

A. Rowe, Hampton Wick

"I cannot recommend Stephanie Blake highly enough. She really listens to her clients and explains clearly what she’s doing and how it works. She was recommended to me by a physiotherapist to ease me through a leg injury – which she did admirably – but has since also proved invaluable dealing with the sorts of back, arm and shoulder problems that so many office workers suffer from. She’s friendly, professional and very effective. Go and see her!"

J. Roper, Teddington

"Six weeks prior to Marathon day, I limped my way to see Steph, complete with aching muscles, clicking bones and a pair of knees that felt they were worthy of spanking brand new plastic replacements. As an experienced runner herself, Steph seemed to intutively know all the inevitable marathon training related niggles I was experiencing and more importantly, she knew the solutions!

In the lead up to the marathon day, Steph used her skills to sooth away all my running related aches and pains and prepare me for the big day. More than this, she also provided invaluable advice and support which without a doubt contributed to getting me over the finish line in one piece!

In short, I cannot recommend her work enough.  Thanks Steph!"

G. Forber, Twickenham

"I have been having regular massage treatments with Stephanie over the last year or so. Working at the computer each day isn’t great for my back and shoulders but a massage every other week to iron out my crunchy muscles works a treat, plus on a Friday afternoon it is a great way to wind down for the weekend.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Stephanie as a therapist to anyone."

N. Tunna, Teddington

"I cannot recommend Stephanie highly enough. She puts you at ease immediately and has a wonderful touch – I suffered from backache constantly throughout my pregnancy and having regular pregnancy massages from Stephanie made all the difference. i am so glad I found her!"

L. Hatch, Teddington