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Race Dates: Choose them carefully!

As some of you may know I’m really not keen on cold weather, and while I don’t mind running and training in the rain it needs to be warm rain to get me out the gym and pounding the streets!

With this in mind I have been determined to make my next race one that will include guaranteed warmth so marathon number seven will be Barcelona next March, and when the confirmation email came through I sat there very smug thinking that this time I wouldn’t find myself fighting with Skins and then still looking for other layers to put on top*!

It’s only since I returned from a holiday in Australia to the dark, cold days that I’ve realised my mistake with this marathon picture. Yes, come race day I will be in a warmer climate in only one layer of clothes instead of wishing I could somehow run in a onesie or wrap myself in cling film without getting odd looks! However, the race date is March 17th and what season comes before spring in the UK? Errr....winter by any chance?

Yes, that’s right. Long dark, cold days throughout December-March which, in theory, is peak training time! My stupidity really does astound even me at times...Dragging my ass outside for those long runs while wrapped up as much as humanely possible (and still be able to run) fills me with dread. And we all know what’s going to happen: I’ll train with The Naked Trainer** (at least that’s outside!) and then wimp out on the other days sticking to the gym. Come race day I bet I’ll be rocking up AGAIN knowing that the longest run I’ve managed to do is maybe a 10miler two weeks before!

What makes matters worse is that I constantly see lots of runners and cyclists out and about so I know I’m being pathetic (always good to have the reminder on that one!) although as the temperature drops further and pavements become icy, if you are one of these hardcore people who trains outside whatever the weather, please be careful as conditions worsen...although on a professional note if you sprain or strain (or break!) anything give me a call and I can help put you back together again (every cloud has a silver lining I guess!!)

I think the time has come to put in place a thought out training plan and actually seek a little personal training. After all, this may be my last marathon and if I don’t get the time I’d ideally like then I’ll have to enter another one!


*I feel the need to say that Skins are still one of the best bits of kit I’ve ever owned; regulating body temperature makes the whole experience ridiculously more enjoyable. Not to mention the fact they hold everything in and make you feel like a ninja!

**For more information on The Naked Trainer group and one to one sessions visit their website www.nakedtrainer.co.uk


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