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Remedial, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage

There any many different types of massage available these days and sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly what will be the most beneficial to you. Allow me to explain a little about remedial, deep tissue and sports massage and how it can help you:

Ever lifted something and felt your back ‘go’? Ever got over enthusiastic with the gardening and paid for it the next day? Haven’t exercised for a while and are suffering from muscle soreness?

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what remedial, deep tissue and sports massage is good for! If you’ve ever pulled a muscle or strained a ligament then you’ll know that you would do anything for the pain to stop.

Sit at a desk all day? Do you have a physically demanding job? Professional athlete? Do you become stressed easily and do you suffer from headaches?

If any of the above applies then you will love both remedial and sports massage. The physical effects of stress can be devastating. Don’t suffer, simply make time for yourself regularly for this type of deep tissue massage and you will be more alert, more productive and more efficient.

Remedial Massage is a very deep tissue form of massage treatment that involves stripping muscle groups enabling muscles to relax after being in a knotted (spasm), or stressed state, due to injury or emotional stress over a period of time. Treatments can vary in length depending on what the body needs and the severity of muscle damage.

Depending on the nature of the problem, treatments may also include Trigger Point and Myofascial Release Techniques which involves slow and gentle pressure that gradually increases as fascia* becomes more pliable again. Techniques then result in very deep work.

Typically, remedial treatments are most effective for muscle injuries or joint problems, however using a combination of mobilisations and stretches remedial massage may also help with some forms of arthritis. Some other benefits of remedial massage include improved circulation, help in relieving headaches, and improving quality of sleep!

It is common to feel a little soreness the day after treatment due to the release of toxins from muscles that have developed from the injured or stressed muscle group. However, soreness quickly eases, leaving your body in a superior state of relaxation.


*fascia is a 3-D fibrous network that permeates the entire body like a spiders' web. When the body experiences trauma e.g. physical or emotional injury, fascia can become hard, dehydrated and stuck.