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Remedial, Deep Tissue & Sports with Stones... 

For the first time stephanie blake massage introduces the use of hot and cold stones to tackle trigger points, release tension and reduce inflammation.

This is a truly amazing massage, unique to stephanie blake massage and the Teddington area.

Highly effective for pain relief from either acute injury or chronic pain. The heat from the stones allows muscle tissue and fascia to relax quickly, making deep tissue techniques kick start the body into recovery.

Treatments will include both the traditional techniques and methods used during a Deep Tissue, Remedial and Sports Massage, however, where appropriate hot and/or cold stones will be included to achieve results faster and more effectively.


The stones themselves were formed by volcanic lava, making their main ingredient basalt*. The high iron content of the stones means they will stay warmer for longer making them perfect to work with throughout treatment.




For complete physical wellbeing this treatment is a must!





Please note: the use of stones within a remedial/sports massage treatment are optional. They will not be used if there is a preference to be treated without or the practitioner does not feel it is necessary to include them.

 *The stones have been harvested by ethical means and come from all over the world!