running on empty? sometimes you can just keep going...

A couple of weeks ago I found myself driving to work (which is unusual in itself considering I'm a firm believer of walking where ever possible!) and as I came to stop at some traffic lights I noticed several similarities between my car and my life!

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Am I missing something?

So I'm going to jump straight in with my thoughts... I'd like to think that as far as common business sense goes I'm pretty good. Infact, I'd even go as far to say that I was definitely blessed with the common sense gene. However, depsite feeling as though I'm ticking most of the small business 'boxes' I still can't fathom any pattern.

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Too much choice: too much confusion?

Which type of massage is good for what? Injured or injury prevention? Stressed out or indulgent relaxation? Here I highlight the problem of too much choice in massage and explain why remedial massage is just so good!

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